Saturday, 7 January 2017

New Year greetings from Rajasthan's real "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel"

If you've seen the movie "Best Exotic Marigold Hotel", imagine the excitement of visiting the location where it was filmed in Rajasthan. It's just a stone's throw from the tourist hub of Udaipur, known as the Lake City, and often referred to as "The Venice of India" - on the road north to Chittaurgarh in the district of Mavli. And it was here that both Exotic Marigold Hotel movies were filmed. It's actually a family home, run as a hotel called Ravla Khempur.
A major part of its charm is that the owners remain unaffected by their success in the movie world, although with some coaxing, they can be persuaded to show you pictures of the stars who featured - Dames Maggie Smith and Judi Dench, Celia Imrie, Bill Nighy, et al - but they are more interested in making sure your visit runs smoothly and talking about their personal passion - the exceptional horses stabled there - that visitors can ride.
You can stay at Ravla Khempur - regrettably, something I didn't have time to do - but I will definitely return to this peaceful oasis outside the bustle of Udaipur. It's a traditional Rajasthani family home and the home-cooked food is delicious. Sadly though, no garden here, although the owners say they're planning one in future. 
It's been a while since I posted, but I hope all readers have a wonderful 2017. I'll be back with more gardens soon.


  1. I have watched the movie and enjoyed it. Nice to see photos from your perspective of the location. It is grand. Happy New Year!

  2. That's wonderful you were able to visit the hotel. It was a fun movie. I wonder if I will ever make it to India. A part of me is drawn to it. Thanks so much for sharing scenes, insights, and gardens from your travels!

  3. I would love to visit India. I love the movie and it is fun to find out there really is a hotel. I really need to put it on my bucket list! Thank you for sharing! HUGS

  4. How wonderful to see this. My daughters and my Mum love this film. It's one we can all watch as a family. I would love to visit the area when we retire. Thank you for sharing. Very best wishes. Karen

  5. I love this movie, Charlotte, so I was excited to see where it was filmed. Beautiful place. Good to see you blogging again. P. x